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Thought for the Week 22 May 2022

As Autumn draws on, the leaves fall, and wintry winds blow, it can be easy to feel a little tired and even glum.

That’s how I was feeling on Wednesday – I’d had a very busy few weeks, and with a slower day I just felt tired!  As you can imagine, I wasn’t feeling too excited about  going out to a church event after dinner. But then, as I was preparing for worship at St.  Stephens, a song that I hadn’t heard or sung for years sprung to mind. “The Lord is        Gracious and Compassionate” by Vineyard music. A very simple chorus from the 90s, based on Psalm 145.

Psalm 145 is a Psalm of praise, attributed to King David. Now, there was a person who knew the ups and downs of life! The heights and depths of humanity.

It was amazing, as we played and sang along to this ancient psalm at our Jam Session, how the cold clouds of the day lifted, and I was drawn into the warmth and light of the Spirit of God.

We will be singing this song together at St. Stephens as you read this. You can listen on Youtube via the link below. Perhaps singing along to the bluesy rendition will brighten your day as it did mine.


The Lord bless you and keep you!




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