Central Office: 349 Wai-iti Road, Timaru, 7910  Phone: 03 686 0981       Email: oneoffice@timarupres.org.nz

Ministry Team

Our church is served by a ministry team. The team includes our ordained ministers, Brent and Rory,
and our parish Clerk, Judith, a key leader in everything that we do.

Brent Richardson

Rev. Brent Richardson – Ministry Team Leader

027 422 1892
03 686 1382

Brent and his wife Catherine joined us from Hope Presbyterian in Rolleston in 2016. Brent grew up in Timaru, and loves this town. He is a thoughtful and inspirational preacher, and he’s committed to seeking God’s will for our future together. Catherine is a counsellor, and has a real pastoral heart. Their two adult daughters bring light and life whenever they are around.

Rory Grant

Rev. Rory Grant – Minister

027 570 5156
03 686 1575

Rory and Andrea have been ministering in Timaru since 2012. Rory is creative and outgoing, and he is very involved in community life. Rory recently published his first book – a children’s creation story. Andrea works for Community and Public Health, and has a real heart for local mission. Their two boys attend Gleniti School, and they add energy and enthusiasm wherever they go.

Judith Begg – Parish Clerk

03 688 6004

Judith is a life-long Timaruvian whose community life revolves around church, family, skating, and her work as a public servant.  Wise and thoughtful, Judith keeps an eye on the details of our life together. As an experienced leader in the church locally and regionally, she helps us keep on track practically and spiritually.

Office Staff

Our church office at St. Stephens, 349 Wai-iti Road is open from 9am-3pm from Tuesday to Friday every week. Drop in and meet our friendly team.

Carol Wilson

03 686 0981

Rose Hill

03 686 0981


We are an outward looking church.
We will engage with the people of Timaru with passion, enthusiasm and energy,

living and sharing God’s love;

listening to and caring for community needs, so people find meaning
through knowing God and move forward in faith.

Parish Council

Our church is led by a passionate group of volunteers – our parish council.
Living and sharing God’s love, these kaitiaki carry the vision of our parish.

Jim Garden

03 684 3680
Energetic and a devoted family man, Jim is a key person in helping us develop and maintain our properties.

Joy Elliott

03 686 1656
Joy is a warm and friendly soul who has a real caring heart for people – young and old. Her key responsibility is for worship – she stays in touch with the wide network of people who contribute to our worshipping life.

Bev Quigley

03 686 1207
Bev is one of those wonderful people who is involved in nearly every aspect of church life from serving in our community facing ministries, to the nuts and bolts of administration.

Hermann Frank

03 684 5399
Practical and creative, Hermann has passion for the Gospel of Christ. He is a talented photographer with a strong interest in New Zealand wildlife.

Lois Shipley

03 684 7511
Lois is caring and creative.  Involved in many areas of church life, she leads our monthly Celtic worship and several services in rest homes. She also has a strong pastoral heart.

Murray Facer

03 686 1629
Keen and enthusiastic, Murray helps to keep our focus on our positive future together. He is also very involved in community events such our our annual market day and Spring plant sale.

Steph Holland

03 614 8378
As well as leading worship on the guitar, Steph is passionate about working with kids and youth. She keeps our young people on our radar.

Our History

In 2009 the four Presbyterian congregations of Timaru joined together to form one church – the Timaru Presbyterian Parish. We have inherited a rich history of living and sharing God’s love from those who have gone before. As one Presbyterian family, we seek to carry this heritage into future generations. 2017 is a year of Jubilee for our people as we celebrate 100 years since the founding of St. Paul’s, 50 years since the opening or Trinity College Road, and 50 years of worship at St. Stephens Wai-ti Road.


The first Presbyterian parish in Timaru, Trinity was founded in 1865, and built a church in Barnard Street in 1867. In 1955 a new hall was built in College Road, and the new church was completed in 1967, with the inaugural service of worship on Queen’s Birthday weekend. Trinity West, originally a congregational church, joined Trinity in 1969. Trinity West was sold in 2011.

From our Trinity forebears, we inherit a pioneering spirit, a commitment to the faith that brings us together, and a heart for the Parkside community.


Chalmers church was founded in 1902 in the heart of Timaru. The Chalmers church building is a well loved heritage landmark on the Timaru landscape. Unfortunately, the church was far from meeting earthquake safety standards and we bid the buildings a sad but fond farewell in December 2014

From our Chalmers forebears, we inherit an appreciation of music and the arts, a commitment to civic life, and an unconditional love for the people of Timaru.

St. Paul's

St. Paul’s was planted in the new suburb of Highfield from Chalmers church in 1917. St. Paul’s always had a strong community presence, and a strong commitment to the Highfield community and Margaret Wilson home across the road in Seddon Street. Unfortunately, the church was badly damaged by the Christchurch earthquakes and did not meet adequate safety standards. After serving as the office base for the new parish, It was sold in 2013, and the site is being redeveloped into family homes.

From our St. Paul’s forebears, we inherit a strong community spirit, a love of service, and a heart for older folk.

St. Stephen's

St. Stephen’s was planted in the 1960s as Timaru Outfields and had places of worship in Washdyke and in the old Gleniti School on Gleniti Road. The foundation was laid for the new church was laid in 1965 and regular worship was underway by 1967. 1967 also marked the beginning of the Gleniti Playcentre, which initially met in the church itself. St. Stephens Washdyke was sold in 2011.

From our St. Stephen’s forebears, we inherit a can-do attitude, a commitment to new beginnings, and a heart for children and families.

Being Presbyterian

We are a member church of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, and we share the core values of Presbyterianism.
We believe that the Holy Spirit speaks to and through God’s people.
We believe that we are always growing in our faith and our love of God.
We believe that we are members of the Body of Christ.

Visit our national church website
Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

Our parish is part of the Alpine Presbytery

The leaders and ministers of our church receive training through the
Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership