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Thought For The Week 8 May 2022

Hi folks,

As part of my work for Presbytery, I have been re-reading the Alpine          Presbytery Cultural and Strategic Framework (2020).  Thrilling stuff, I know! But actually, there is some real gold in there. The focus is on being followers of Jesus, together, not just staying busy with doing work for the church.

Listen to this:

Relationship, relationship, relationship.

 As human beings and children of God we are created to be in relationship with God and with one another.  But relationship doesn’t just happen, we have to work at it.
As a Presbytery we invest in relationship.

Our Presbytery retreats are about relationship.
Our staffing is focused around building relationship.  Our resourcing is focused on  building one another up in love.
Even our ‘Gatherings’ are as much about relationship as they are about business.
We believe that God’s transformative and redeeming power is at work in our relationships with God, with one another and with the creation in which we live.

The key to healthy relationships is trust and respect. We build trust and respect through shared experiences, by doing stuff together, face to face.

As we work together towards the future we imagine, we recognise that our fullness of life springs from the Spirit of God alive beyond, beside, and within us.  We will nurture and value the fruit of the Spirit in our midst.  We will seek always to treat one another with kindness, gentleness, patience and love.

Isn’t that inspiring? In Matthew 7 Jesus teaches us that “by their fruit you will recognise them”. It’s a challenge for us in these difficult times to think about the fruit that we display. Seek always to treat one another with kindness, gentleness, patience and love.



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