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Thought For The Week 21 November 2021

Welcome to our combined service on Christ the King Sunday. Traditionally we would be having a ‘stir-up’ service, making a Christmas cake but alas this has fallen victim to Covid and restrictions around food preparation. Aside from that it is good to be together to celebrate the kingship of      Jesus who declared before Pilate that his kingdom was ‘not of this world’- if it were his servants would rise up and fight for him. His kingdom is a very different but no less powerful one to those who have reigned over nations and empires.

Another victim of these Covid days is our Christmas holiday programme which was to be held at St Stephens on the 20-22 December. But due to the extra stress we are all   under it was decided to post-pone this year’s programme. Much of this stress comes from having to plan and function in very changing circumstances. We are not alone in this as all voluntary organisations are facing the same pressures just now. We have decided to be kind to ourselves and provide some breathing space at the end of the year. We do apologise to any disappointed children!

The Parish Council will be grappling with the new ‘Traffic light’ system governing the rules around public meetings. This will come into force on December 15 across the country, giving us some level of certainty around what we can and can’t do. One of the sticky issues is whether we require evidence of vaccination from those attending or not. Different protocols apply according to these criteria and many church leaders are        exploring ways to keep those who have compromised health safe while also not discriminating against the      un-vaccinated. Our parish council would value your prayers (and suggestions) as they grapple with this decision.


Nga mihi,

Brent Richardson

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