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Thought For The Week 25 July 2021

Welcome to our services of worship today, we really appreciate you    being here and hope you will be reminded in a new and fresh way just how much God loves you and seeks to bless you, today and every day. We are continuing in our miniseries in the wonderful epistle to the   Ephesians. This short letter of 6 chapters is so full of rich theology and insight that Martin Llyod Jones wrote an 8 volume commentary on it!  We can only scratch the surface in our preaching.

Today’s passage is a prayer from Paul to his readers who may have become concerned for his welfare, given that he was writing to them from Rome while in  prison for preaching the gospel. They may well have been discouraged by his  imprisonment, assuming the victorious Christian life would be free of suffering! But he assures them that suffering for Jesus is a glorious thing.

He prays that we may be strengthened with the power of the Spirit so that Christ may dwell in our hearts by faith. This is a central pastoral concern of Paul’s; having Christ consciously in the centre of our lives is the whole point of his mission and preaching. And he prays that we would grasp all the dimensions of God’s love for us; height, depth, length and breadth. When we fully grasp how much God loves us, we can face and endure anything. God’s love fortifies and sustains us through all the highs and lows we experience in this life.

May you be touched afresh by God’s love today.


Brent Richardson

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