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Thought For The Week 18 July 2021

With our AGM coming up at the end of August, it is time to think about Parish Council nominations.

Our Church is led by a wonderful, committed team with the future of our parish at heart.

Perhaps you, or someone you know is being nudged to join us.

At our AGM we can elect up to 5 members to Parish Council.  Nominees must receive votes from at least 50% of eligible voters at the AGM to be elected.  We hope that at least 3 people will be elected to serve in this way.

What sort of person are we looking for?

Parish Council is primarily a governance group, guiding the vision and direction of the parish. We are looking for people who:

Love Jesus and love our church

Are committed to the vision of Timaru Presbyterian (listed below)

Willing to share in Christ’s Ministry among us

Would consider a call to eldership in a form that suits your own gifts and calling.

Be prepared to work as part of a team, offering robust discernment while accepting and supporting the decisions of the Council.

A good listener

Acceptance of Presbyterian governance of the church

Support togetherness in the Parish

Compassion and respect for others

A willingness to share your gifts and talents

Nomination forms are available at the church office, and must be completed and returned by Tuesday August 3

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