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Thought For The Week 4 July 2021

Over the last few weeks we have been reflecting on the “Coracle”    weekend that a few of us attended back at the beginning of May. We’ve watched a series of videos in worship – on the Prestons project, on the Taneatua community garden, and on Kiwi church.

It’s exciting to see people trying new things in order to help new people connect with God through Jesus, and find their way into faith. It’s even more encouraging to see that this is not a one-off, dependent on special individuals with exceptional gifts.    Rather, there is new life beginning, in small and fragile ways in all sorts of places, looking different in every circumstance.  There’s a real feeling that God’s Spirit is moving, around our nation, and amongst our Presbyterian whanau.

We, too, are being invited to participate in what God is up to.  There’s no set way that we need to do this.  It’s not just a matter of establishing a pre-school music community (although we have a great one!), nor a community garden (there’s the  potential for that too!), nor (necessarily) a whole new style of church.  I think Darryl said it best in the Kiwi Church video: “There’s no blueprint, it’s a matter of figuring it out as we go.”

This movement that the Spirit is inviting us into, it’s a movement of imagination and experimentation.  It’s a movement of loving Jesus, and loving people around us. It’s a movement of living and sharing God’s love. Parish Council are discerning the theme of “Sowing and Growing” for the year ahead.  What is God sowing in your heart?  What is God growing amongst us? How can we get on board, and set sail on our Coracle of hope?

Nga manaakitanga maha matou,

Rory Grant

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