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Thought For The Week 20 June 2021

Recently our family has enjoyed the Disney movie “Soul” (2020). This film follows the story of Joe Gardner, a music teacher who dreams of a career as a jazz musician. Just as he gets his big breakthrough, Joe’s story takes a sudden and unexpected turn, and he is left helping another character to discover their “spark”.

This spark leads to a deeper understanding of what it means to be alive for everyone involved.

As Christians we know that our true “spark” comes from the life that we find in Jesus. “Soul” may be just a feel-good fairy tale, but there are a couple of gems of wisdom that we can learn from as we seek deeper life in Christ.

First, in order to learn and develop our faith, we need to try. Musicians immerse themselves in their craft, with hours of practice forming a platform for their gifts to shine.  In a similar way, in order for our faith to shine, we are well served by  immersing ourselves in the rich rhythms and habits of prayer and devotion that form our Christian heritage. The habits of faith are the foundation of our spirituality.

Second, in order to truly shine, we need to improvise. From our foundation, the Spirit invites us deeper into faith as we express our love for God in creative and  imaginative ways.

If we never learn the discipline of devotion, then our faith will have a shaky  foundation. If we only ever stick to the routines of faith, then our relationship with God will remain wooden and hollow.

When these two come together: immersion and inspiration, then our faith will be deep and rich and strong. A faith that overflows into our lives and into our thirsty world.

Many blessings,


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