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Thought For The Week 13 June 2021

There is quite a lot I admire about our church. One thing that stands out for me is the number of people who are involved in the ministry of public prayer which forms an integral part of our weekly service of worship. These folks bring carefully prepared prayers representing the general concerns of our congregation before God. Public prayer like this is an artform and although many of our prayers make it look easy, this comes through practice and instruction.

Which is why we are offering a short workshop next Saturday to hone these skills. This will provide the tools needed to craft prayers that hit the mark and generate a hearty Amen from the people of God.  We will look at the purpose of public prayer in the context of worship, different components of a well-crafted prayer, some pitfalls to avoid and more.

While this workshop is targeted at those who pray in public- be it in worship or opening a meeting- it is useful for anyone who has an interest in prayer. If you would like to grow in this area, I encourage you to come. We are hoping to grow the number of folks we can call on for this ministry; perhaps God is nudging you in this direction? Why not come along and explore this together- I promise not to put you under any obligation!

The workshop is on Saturday 19th, 10am-12 noon at St Stephens. I hope to see you there.

Nga mihi,


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