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Thought For The Week 28 March 2021

Welcome to our Palm Sunday services today. Putting together a worship service for Palm Sunday is a little challenging; there is a sense of joyful exuberance about it. Crowds shouting ‘hosanna’ and laying down branches and clothing in acknowledgement of Jesus’ kingship- a son of David come to claim his throne. Yet, with the benefit of hindsight, we know this enthusiasm is short lived. Five days later we are facing the horrors of the cross and seemingly the loss of all hope.

Should our worship continue in the introspective manner of Lent or switch to celebration mode? The timeless truth of this story is that there is no crown without the cross and Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world. And while his life was cut off on the cross, through his resurrection, he has reigned in the hearts of people for   generations and we continue to reverence him in worship today.

Last weekend a good representation from TPP attended the Alpine Presbytery    gathering in Ashburton which focussed on the new and innovative ways our church is connecting with their communities. Helen Carter and Rory Grant shared the progress being made in our Trinity Centre happenings (Rhythmn Kids, Playgroup, English language group etc) and we heard updates from the New Mission Seedlings at Prestons (ChCh) and the Hamner Springs project. There are some really good things happening in our Presbytery, much of led by our younger ministers.

Reminder: Our Easter services are- Good Friday combined at Life Church, Morgans Rd, 10 am; Easter Sunday 7am Caroline Bay (BBQ fish breakfast ) and Combined St Stephens 10:30am.


Brent Richardson

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