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Thought For The Week 21 March 2021

After a long wait, the planned kitchen upgrade at the Trinity Community Centre is underway! It is exciting to think that we will soon have  brand-new, purpose built kitchen facilities to support our worshipping life and our community facing ministries. While this is new and exciting, it is also the culmination of years of foresight, vision and dedication from folk who have dreamed, planned and fund-raised for what might be.  A   significant amount of funding for this project has come from the Chalmers Friendship Centre catering team who began their fundraising dreaming of a new kitchen for the Friendship   Centre. Their work is bearing fruit in a way that they might not have imagined at the time.

This story tells us two things:

First, new things have deep roots.  Something doesn’t come from nothing, and a good deal of what we enjoy now comes not from our own efforts, but from the generosity and vision of those who have gone before.  The same is true in God’s kingdom.  We are coming up to Easter, when we celebrate the turning point in Creation’s story from fear to hope, from death to life.  But even that event had deep roots in the hope-filled tradition of scripture. This week’s lectionary readings from Jeremiah 31 and Psalm 51 are but a small glimpse into the Bible’s longings for God’s kingdom that are fulfilled in Jesus, his life, death and resurrection.

Second, our dreams are worth striving for.  Even though, when they are fulfilled, they often look very different from what we imagined in the beginning.  Our lives take many twists and turns.  Some of those we celebrate, and some we mourn.  The Good News is that God’s Spirit is leading us towards fulfilment and hope, even when the way ahead is hard to discern.

Many blessings,

Rory Grant

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