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Thought For The Week 28 February 2021

Welcome to our service of worship today. I’m so glad you have taken the time to join with God’s people to participate in the worship that is ever going on in heaven.

Last Sunday Rory made the comment in his sermon that Lent involves stripping away the things that are un-necessary in our lives so that we may follow Christ unencumbered by things that distract and weigh us down. As I write this, we are preparing to shift house and although we are only moving a little way down the street, we have to completely empty the house of all our possessions. It’s at times like this that I wish I had fewer possessions! We have so much stuff! Much of it we wouldn’t even miss if we never saw it again. But there are also treasures- gifts, mementoes, special items whose value cannot be measured and we cannot discard.

It makes me wonder; what habits, attitudes, ideas, behaviours do I need to throw off in order to follow Christ more fully?

This morning we are reflecting on 2 passages of scripture; Psalm 126 and Mark   8:31-38. The psalm speaks of ‘sowing in tears and reaping in joy while the Mark   passage speaks of Jesus dire prediction of his own death on a Roman cross. Both speak of the pain and inevitable suffering we all encounter- and especially those who embrace Jesus and follow him closely. Yet both point to the great rewards of    standing faithfully with God- eternal life and joy! What greater reward could there be?


Brent Richardson

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