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Thought For The Week 21 February 2021

Tomorrow will mark 10 years since the tragic events of February 22nd, 2011.

Just when we thought things were starting to go back to normal after the September earthquakes, everything was turned upside down all over again.

I visited Christchurch as part of the support and relief effort 6 weeks after.  What I saw in that week changed the way I saw the world.  I can only imagine the trauma experienced by those who were involved first hand.  My heart goes out to you still. The scars on the landscape echo the scars on our lives.  Time will change and heal them, but they will never fully go away.

Ten years later, and we have been rebuilding ever since.  There is a continuing sadness in that, but there is also hope for the future.  A future that we could not have imagined this time 10 years ago.

I am reminded of the prophet Elijah’s encounter on the mountain of God in 1 Kings 11: God was not in the earthquake.  God was not in the wind.  God was not in the fire.  God was in the still, small voice. The whisper.  The sound of silence itself.  God was in the peace after the storm.  I pray, as we continue to grow in hope for the future, that we may hear the still, small voice of the peace of God in the hardest of times.  Today, tomorrow, and every day after that as well.


Rory Grant

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