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Thought For The Week 6 December 2020

It’s been a momentous week in the Grant household – Andrea and I are now parents to two teenagers!  It’s important to take the time and celebrate special moments and milestones in our lives – especially when times have been difficult.

Today, we also celebrate a special family who have made a courageous journey from Brazil, to Timaru, and are now being called on to the next stage of their journey in the Hawkes Bay.  Otto, Thalita, Fernando and Cesar Magalhaes have been a real joy to us over the last year or two.  Today we celebrate their time with us, and ask for God’s  blessing on them as they move forward with him.

As we read the story of Israel in Exodus, Joshua and Judges, we see that again and again the people of Israel raise memorials to significant moments when God has taken action among them.  These memorials are both a memory and witness to what God has done, and a signpost to God’s promises for the future.

As we move out of this momentous year of 2020, I invite you to reflect on the milestones in your life where you have seen God at work.  How can we use this year’s experiences to encourage one another in God’s hope, peace, joy and love?


Many blessings,

Rory Grant

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