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Thought For The Week 15 November 2020

This week I had the privilege of participating in the Armistice Day service for the South Canterbury RSA.  At the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, the guns fell silent.

The RSA have been generous enough to include me in a few of their memorials over the last 9 years that I have been in Timaru.  This time, I chose to read from Matthew 5 – the Beatitudes.  In this short, beautiful burst of poetic truth, Jesus highlights both the brokenness and injustice of this world, and the soaring hope that we share in Him.

It is said that no-one loves peace like an old soldier.  It is my privilege, as a follower of the Prince of Peace, to proclaim that through his love we need no longer be tied to the hurt and harm of this old world.  That instead we can cling to the goodness and peace of His kingdom.  That does not mean that war or conflict are things of the past.  But it is a promise that one day they will be no more, and we are called to participate in His coming Kingdom of Peace.

So, this week we celebrate 102 years since the end of the fighting in the Great War, though its effects were still to played out in the hearts and lives of millions.  This year we celebrate 75 years since the Second World War began to end.  And we look forward with hope and with resolve that peace will reign.  Here on Earth, as it is in Heaven.


Nga mihi arohanui me te rangimarie,


Rory Grant

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