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Thought For The Week 08 November 2020

Good morning to you.

I have recently spent some time with some young children and that made me think about it is a different life for children in other parts of the world that the Operation Christmas Child boxes will go to. We filled 52 boxes this year and big thank you to all who supported

This year the boxes will to Malawi, Madagascar, Fiji and Cambodia. The two African countries are different recipients for boxes from New Zealand compared to recent years. I do not know much about those countries but do know over the years have been struck with natural disasters and some with wars as has Cambodia. These bring shortage of food and health issues which has a lasting affect particularly on the  children. They cannot just go to the supermarket or the doctor. In some cases, going to school is not as easy as it is here. It is hard for us to comprehend their life.

Covid-19 will have affected Fiji’s with its reliance on tourists and there will not be the same money coming into homes for Christmas gifts.

It is therefore a pleasure to bring some joy to the children of the world and imagine their happy faces when they open their box. We cannot solve all their problems but our boxes will bring some light into their world and lets them know that they are cared about by others.

I know that we also have needy children in this country and we can also support them via other charities.

I encourage you to pray for all God’s children where ever they may be.

Judith Begg

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