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Thought For The Week 25 October 2020

When you pick up your weekly notices sheet on Sunday mornings and read the list of activities available in our church community each week; I wonder, if like I do, you are amazed at the variety of activities.

Eatwell is the activity which I am honoured and well rewarded for being involved in.  This well received community outreach can only run as smoothly as it does because of an enthusiastic group of volunteers who selflessly give of their time each week.  Behind the scenes ‘elves’ have kept and eye out for face book and mobile or landline phone messages during the days before orders are collated on Thursday evening. Our volunteers at pick up time, at both Trinity Community Centre and St Stephens adapt the lists of names to be correct for the    following week; remember that our clients are able to choose between six different types of bags at two different prices.

The client name lists and type of bag ordered, changes slightly every week, since we cater for fortnightly, infrequent and new orders, as well as our stable weekly orders.

When the Eatwell co op began, six years ago now, we were blessed to have a very skilled member of our parish design an efficient spreadsheet which enables the changes in produce types and bag numbers to be calculated weekly and add up to the desired $10.00 or $15.00 amount.

The beautifully sewn, diverse variety of cotton bags which continue to be made, if only occasionally now, for the produce, are an absolute bottom line necessity for the professional look we aim to maintain for Eatwell. Our long term volunteers and seamstresses delight in welcoming back any favourite bags which may have strayed over the weeks and months.

Brent, Rory and Rose or Carol are also key people who make sure this activity comes together with good humour and wonderful fellowship.

I must include the faithful, enthusiastic service which Timaru Wholesale Produce provides for us. They totally understand the need to deliver us top quality produce within a limited time frame every week.

We welcome new or prospective clients and visitors, during ‘packing time’  just to see for yourselves how all this preparation flows together on Tuesday mornings between 11.30a.m–12.30p.m.

“Man cannot live by bread alone.”  Matthew 4: 4.

Blessings to you all.

Joy Elliott

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