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Thought For The Week 18 October 2020

Last weekend I had the privilege of going to Hanmer to the Alpine Presbytery retreat.  It’s always good to catch up with people from around the country.  Our retreats really are the heartbeat of our life together as the Alpine Presbytery, where we work out together what it means to be followers of Jesus in this day & age.

This year the speaker was Donald Scott, a pastor from Christchurch and he took us on an inward journey to talk about our lives and how we respond to the the circumstances that life throws our way.

Donald invited us to consider the ideas of consolation and desolation. There are times in our lives when things are going well and we feel good, but even in difficult circumstances there are moments of peace and joy where we find consolation and the goodness of God. There are also times of life where everything seems to fall apart and our lives end up in chaos. These are what we call times of desolation. Donald encouraged us to reflect on where we are in life. In prayer and discipleship how can we find places of consolation in Christ?

He encouraged us to make our choices and our decisions from that place of peace and to avoid decisions that come out of desolation.  Because decisions made in desolation nearly always end up badly for us. My prayer for you this week is that in Christ you can find a place of consolation and bring the things that you’re carrying in your heart before the Lord in prayer.

God bless,

Rory Grant

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