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Thought For The Week 20 September 2020

Welcome to our services today. We are looking forward to what Rory has to share and of course being together to worship our Lord and  enjoy fellowship with each other. A special welcome if you are visiting with us- we hope you enjoy the service.

Some of you- but not all- will know that I have been planning to take some extended leave in October/November (12 Oct- 8 Nov, four Sundays). The primary reason for taking this leave is to provide some much-needed space for spiritual  refreshment and refocus after what has been a testing season of change and challenge.

To throw myself into this I have decided to bike solo ‘around the block’- Timaru > Greymouth > Haast > Hawea > Oamarama > Home. That’s about 1000km over 10 days. I have never done anything like this before and am uncertain if I can do it. But I feel compelled to do this- to go well beyond what I think might be achievable and I have a feeling I will meet God in new ways out on the road. I’m really looking forward to that.

But I’m also getting nervous, because it’s spring and with that comes extreme and changeable weather, especially Nor’ westers  on this side of the island and heavy rain on the other. Spring also means aggressive swooping magpies! Both of these things will doubtless provide some challenges, but then that is the point of taking on an adventure like this; no one ever regrets taking a few risks in life!

I’m very thankful to the Parish Council for allowing me to take all my leave in one go. You will be in good hands with Rory and Shona Bettany will provide some preaching support.



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