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Thought For The Week 19 July 2020

It’s a good feeling to be able to get back into our usual routine of worship after such a disrupted year.  Our goal this year in our mission plan has been “Making Space” for new things to emerge.  Well, we’ve certainly been making space!  There are also signs that delicate new things may be emerging in our midst.

Our role in this process is not to force anything, but to gently nurture the signs of life that we notice God stirring amongst us.

A vital piece of this response is the support of our wonderful parish council.  We have some wonderfully insightful folk on our team, and we’re looking for new people to join the team.  As you will know, our AGM is coming up at the end of August, and we are calling for nominations for new people to join our Parish Council team.

What are we looking for?  We are looking for people with a heart for growing our     parish – in worship, in pastoral care, in living and sharing God’s love in our wider community.  If you feel that God may be nudging you, or someone you know in this  direction, then please have a chat with Brent, Judith or myself about what might be  involved.

Nomination forms will be available at the office, and in both church foyers.

Many blessings,

Rory Grant

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