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Thought For The Week 12 July 2020

Welcome to our 7th consecutive combined service. Remember, next  Sunday we will be meeting at our usual times of 9:30am (Trinity) and 10:30am (St Stephen’s). This morning Lois Shipley will be preaching the sermon.

The parable of the Sower from Matthew 13 reminds us that every living thing comes from seed. And every living thing has the inbuilt mechanism to reproduce itself through seed. Without this life would simply cease to exist. The parable also makes clear that the seed by itself is not enough; it needs the right conditions in which to   germinate and grow. Those of you who are propagating plants for the Spring plant sale in September know this well. The success of the seed comes down to the soil in which it lands and for seed that lands in good soil there is an abundant return.

We don’t have to guess what Jesus is going on about here because we are given the explanation; the seed is the message of the kingdom of God. It is not always well received and sometimes the message doesn’t go very deep. But when it is received and finds hearts of faith this message flourishes and produces a crop such as the fruit of the Spirit (to use a similar metaphor). We are all here today because someone sowed the seed in us.

How might we sow the seed of God’s love to those around us?



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