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Thought For The Week 7 June 2020

Hi folks!

It is wonderful to be back face-to-face, sharing fellowship and worshiping together.

We have been through quite a journey, and there will be many of us feeling ready to go back to “normal” and many who are feeling a little nervous about what our “new       normal” might look like.

Over the next few weeks we will still be playing things by ear to a certain extent.

This Sunday we have begun with one service at St. Stephens.  We really don’t know how many people to expect.  Our current plan is to move back to our two usual  services at the beginning of July, but we are ready to move sooner if numbers at worship are beyond what is comfortable at St. Stephens.

The government have said that church gatherings at level two are not required to     observe physical distancing.  We are conscious that there may be mixed feelings about this in the congregation. So, in the meantime at least, we are encouraging folk to respect physical distancing if possible.  You are welcome to give each other a hug, but please ask first to make sure that the huggee is as comfortable with this as the hugger.  Let’s use creative alternatives to shaking hands in the meantime.

We will still be asking people to maintain good standards of sanitising with their hands, and with frequently used surfaces.  Please also make sure that you sign in when you arrive so that we can keep up-to-date with contact tracing.

Once again, it is wonderful to be back together, and I feel very blessed that we are all safe and sound.



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