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Thought For The Week 15 March 2020

A few weeks ago a group of us went to the Rend Collective concert in Christchurch.  They were big and noisy and fun.  What really caught my attention, though, was their opening   act – one man and a guitar.  The singer was an American called Ry Cox, who has just started his professional music career.  His songs were simple and beautiful.  One in particular that resonated was based on an ancient Celtic prayer.  Brent and I hope to introduce this song to the congregation in the      coming weeks.

Be My Shield – Ry Cox

Christ, be on my right, be on my left

Christ, be in my blood, be in my breath

Go before and come behind

Fill my ears, flood my eyes

Christ, be on my left, be on my right


Holy Lord, flood my heart and make Your presence known

Holy Lord, be my shield this day


God, be in my words, be in my deeds

God, in my advance, in my retreat

Shield me in the midst of war

Spirit, come and be my sword

God, be in my deeds, be in my my words


Spirit, be my strength and be my song

Spirit, guide my steps and lead me on

Until my days have reached their length

And You and I are face to face

Spirit, be my song, be my strength


May this be your prayer in the days ahead.


Rory Grant

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