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Thought for the Week – 23 February

Welcome to our services today, I’m glad you are making space in your week to come together for worship and fellowship. “Making Space” is our guiding theme for 2020, a year in which we want to make space for God in our lives in new ways, so that new things may be given room to grow.

Catherine and I have just returned from 2 weeks of holiday where we made space for rest and recreation. We spent just over a week in Southland, mostly on Stewart Island (Rakiura) with our eldest daughter Emma. A highlight of this time was visiting Ulva Island, which we did twice. This island is predator free which enables the native flora and fauna to thrive. The removal of predators has created space for the original native species to thrive. Have you ever seen Saddlebacks, Kaka, Weka, Tui, South Island   Robin, Yellowheads, the tiny Riflemen in their natural environment? You can on Ulva!

Sadly, predators like stoats, weasels, rats and possum prevent many native species from flourishing on the mainland, leaving our native bush devoid of birdsong.

This makes me wonder what are the predators in my life that prevent the birdsong of the Spirit flourishing in my heart? Like ‘little foxes that spoil the vineyard’ (Song of Solomon 2:15) there are habits and practices, thoughts and attitudes which can stifle the work of God in our lives. I want to be on predator alert to these so that the fruit of the Spirit (see Galatians 5) may be better formed in me.


Brent Richardson

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