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Thought For The Week 17 November

As most of you will know, on Friday the 1st of November my mother,  Glenys, suffered a spinal stroke and was rushed to hospital.  Myself and all of the family are very, very thankful that mum is still with us.  All of us,     especially mum, are grateful for your continued prayers and support.

If you haven’t heard, then the good news is that mum is going to be OK, and there is no real risk of another episode.  Currently, she is fine from the neck up, and not so good from the neck down.  However, she is improving every day, getting stronger and stronger and regaining more and more use of her limbs.  We pray that this will continue.

As I am writing this, on Thursday afternoon, she is flying over our heads on the medical plane.  She is on her way to Christchurch, to the Burwood spinal unit for intensive rehabilitation.

Thanks again for the wonderful, powerful and humbling support that you have given to me, mum and all of our family at this very difficult time.

Many blessings,

Rory Grant

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