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Thought For The Week 10 November 2019

Saturday 2 Nov was a momentous day. South Africa won the Rugby World Cup for the third time. Catherine and I celebrated 28 years of marriage. And we hosted a gathering of Elders from around South Canterbury and the Alpine Presbytery resource team for a hui exploring the role of what has always been known as the Presbytery Elder.

Traditionally each parish would have an elder who attended monthly presbytery meetings and report back to the parish council any decisions and policy directives. But with the amalgamation of the smaller regional presbyteries into the 9 larger units, the   monthly meeting is a thing of the past (except for the regular standing committees). Which leaves the question What is now the role of the Presbytery Elder? This question was explored and the information gathered will go towards shaping and refining this role to better meet the needs of our 21st century church.

On Monday 4th Nov we also hosted the Financial Consolidation roadshow which was set up to explain the process of consolidating all parish accounts into one report showing the total financial operations of the Presbyterian Church. This will have little impact at the local level but will provide an accurate picture of the church’s resources and our  contribution to the economy. If you are interested, the presentation was recorded and is available on our website: https://www.timarupres.org.nz/sermon-archive/



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