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Thought For The Week 27 October 2019

Welcome to our services today as we wrap up our mini series in 2 Timothy. Rory and I have both really enjoyed engaging with this part of the scriptures and we hope you have found some encouragement for your spiritual life as well.

If you were at our AGM on Sunday 15 Sept, you would have heard me speak about the parish budget and the projected deficit we are expecting. I made the point in that message that if each of us made a small increase in our regular offering this would go a long way to off-setting- or even eradicating the deficit. I am thrilled to  report that we have seen a lift in our regular giving for September of $1,889 over the   August amount and $2298 above the September 2018 figure. My sincere thanks to those who have decided to support our mission in this way.

More good news on the finance front: We made a grant application to the VC Reid fund for funds to purchase a commercial dishwasher for the St Stephen’s kitchen. This will aid the clean-up process for the community lunches and other hospitality events. This application was successful and the dishwasher will be installed next week. Also, Pat Cartwright’s team of daffodil sellers have decided to contribute the funds this year to purchasing a new oven for St Stephen’s.

At the same time, work is going on planning a kitchen refurbishment at the Trinity centre with a sizable fund from the old Chalmers Friendship centre and St Paul’s catering group under-writing this project. I’m sure these improvements will greatly aid our ability to serve our community and provide a clean and safe working environment in our   kitchens.


Brent Richardson

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