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Thought For The Week 20 October 2019

As spring time rolls on around us, our church moves into a new season of activity and growth.  It was great fun to be with the Rhythm Kids            community again this last Tuesday.  There is so much energy and life in those wee kids.  It was also great to see the growth in fellowship in this group of young families.  Did you know that some of the children who have been coming with early childhood educators are now bringing their mums along too?

In Matthew 18 Jesus said “Wherever two or more of you are gathered, there I am with you also.”  Now, he was talking about confronting the difficult things in our lives together as his followers, but I believe that the same principle can be applied to our lives of worship and witness: every time that we touch base with one another, and those folk who Jesus calls us to love, then something of the Lord is revealed in us all.  And where Jesus is, there is life in all its fullness.

Let’s keep connecting.  Let’s keep growing.  Let’s keep living and sharing God’s love.

There is a new season, too, for our very own Bruce Small, elected to the South Canterbury DHB.  Bruce, we know that you are thoughtful, and clear thinking, and caring.  Our prayers and blessings go with you as you enter this new season in your life.

Many blessings,

Rory Grant

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