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Thought For The Week 1 September 2019

It’s Father’s Day!! Many of us know the characteristics of a good father. A good father is loving. They care about the well-being of their children; they want the best for their children and they are the biggest supporter of their children fulfilling their purpose in life.

God is no different. But then how do we think of God in our hearts and minds? Is God Father? Is God Mother? Is God of no particular gender? Often, we pray to God as our heavenly father.

So, for today on Fathers’ Day I will consider God as Father. He is the Creator of fatherly characteristics. He loves; He protects; He cares and he is our number one supporter. His love is untainted, unbiased and unconditional. God, our Father, loves us and wants us to fulfil our purpose.

As we celebrate Father’s Day we also acknowledge our Heavenly Father who has done so much for us in our lives and has been there every step of the way. Let us give thanks to God for our fathers, whether biological, foster or a loved surrogate father  figure. Let us give thanks to God for being a great Father too.

Helen Carter



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