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Thought For The Week 25 August 2019

Speaking to people this week a comment that has often been made,  apart from the coolness of the weather, is how quickly this year has gone or they say we no sooner start this week and it is the weekend again.  Modern technology and communication, modes of transport and automatic appliances have all contributed to us being able to cram much into our day increasing the pace of life.

One of our lectionary readings this week focuses on the Sabbath as a day of rest and reflection.  In earlier decades this was very much part of the rhythm of life but in our  modern world of 24/7 we have to consciously take time out in our faith to rest in God, to listen to what he is saying.  To allow him to refresh and renew us.  For it is in God we find Tranquility, Peace and Healing Love to continue our journey in him.  Blessings to you for the coming week, officially our last week of winter, and for the promise of new life bursting forth in the Spring for us all.

Lois Shipley

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