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Thought For The Week 18 August 2019

Welcome to our services this morning. We especially welcome the Timaru 3rd Girls Brigade Co to Trinity and Lois Shipley who will be leading worship.

Outstanding people are often honoured in halls of fame. We have these for sports people, musicians and artist. In the Timaru District Council chambers there is a wall of portraits of notable Timaruvians- our local Hall of Fame. In Hebrews 11, our focus for this morning, we see the faith exploits of various characters from scripture portrayed; it’s the faith Hall of Fame. Some saw great miracles while others endured great hardship. They are all highlighted to inspire us to likewise be people of faith.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning Gilda Anderson, a regular at Trinity, passed away. Gilda was quite a character and we would often exchange ‘cheek’ at the door of church. She was also something of an artist and gave me a small painting of scene from Central Otago which I rather like. She didn’t really like mixing with people as she found the post service cuppa to be too noisy for her liking. But she found a faithful friend in Jim Garden who would bring her to church and visit in her home. Be at peace Gilda.


The parish council have taken the decision to give extended leave to Rory to help him to fully recover from his tonsil operation in May. Soon after this operation, when he would normally be recovering, he faced the tragic death of his brother with its accompanying grief and stress. Because of this, he has not been able to recover fully and so more time is needed. He will be on leave from 8 Aug- 9-Sep.

This overlaps with my scheduled leave (19 Aug- 1 Sep) so for a 2 week period we will not have a minister in the parish. However, any pastoral matters or concerns can be directed to Lois Shipley 684 7511 who will see these are attended to. Our services will be covered by our wonderful lay leaders.

Please keep Rory and his family in your prayers that he may recover fully.

Brent Richardson

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