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Thought For The Week 14 July 2019

This week I will be preaching out at Pleasant Point.  We’re thinking about what it means to belong to the Body of Christ, based around the call of the prophet Samuel in 1 Samuel 3, and the apostle Paul’s description of the Body of Christ in 1 Corinthians 12.

Thinking about this, I was reminded of the magnetic tactics board that I use for coaching soccer teams.  On the board there’s a picture of the field, and little magnetic buttons represent the players and the ball.  Just like the buttons are attracted to the board by a magnetic force, we are attracted to Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Like the different parts of a body, the different parts o the team take up their own positions on the field.  Are we all left wingers? No.  Are we all goalkeepers? No.  But each of us has unique gifts and talents, and unique roles that we play in God’s team.

Just like magnets, if we approach each other the wrong way, we can end up pushing each other apart.  But we’re still on the same team, and when our focus is on God’s game plan, then we can achieve wonderful things together.  As we work together, we learn not to push our buttons the wrong way, and when we’re all tuned in to God’s will, then we can work together with one heart and one mind.

Sometimes the tactics might not make sense.  Sometimes we might not see the importance of our won role.  But as we get to know the coach, and trust Him more and more, we understand more and more, and we are built up more and more as individuals, and as God’s team together.


Rory Grant

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