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Thought For The Week 2 June 2019

Welcome to our combined service for Ascension Sunday, the day we celebrate Christ’s ascension to heaven one week before Pentecost. The focus leading into Ascension is often on Christian unity, following Jesus prayer that we ‘be one as he and the Father are one’ (John 17:11). So, it is appropriate that we come together on this holiday weekend as one congregation in worship.

Our New Testament reading today comes from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (15-23) where he describes what he has been praying for them. He prays that they would gain a deeper and richer knowledge of God; that their eyes would be opened to understand more fully the hope they have been called to in Christ; that they would get a glimpse of their inheritance in Christ and that they would experience God’s power in their lives- the same power that raised Jesus from the dead.

As a preacher I often find myself trying to explain the inexplicable. We try to help people fathom what Jesus has done for them and the life that is possible in him. Yet these things can be hard to grasp and, in the end, like Paul, all we can do is trust the Holy Spirit to do the work of making it real to you. My hope for you as you come to worship is that you will leave encouraged and inspired to continue perusing a life centered in the risen Saviour, and that Paul’s prayer would be answered in each of us.



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