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Thought For The Week 24 March

How has your week been? Like many I have been shaken to the core by the events in Christchurch last week and I find tears are never far from my eyes just now. Perhaps at times like this poetry can be a great help and comfort. Here is one from Rev Martin Stewart, written while walking the Camino trail in northern Spain, for his grandson.


Look for love

Look for love, child, look for love.

Look for where love is and follow it.

Always look for what love can bring and seek it always.

Where was love on Friday?

It was there child, but not with that man. That man gave up on love a long time ago, and we have to hold him away, he is not safe.

But there was love on Friday, child.

Can you tell me where love was?

Of course you can.

Love was in those houses of worship where families and friends met to pray, love was there. Love was there even though a man full of hate took out his gun.

Love was in the response of people like the police and medics and teachers.

Love was in the words of our Prime Minister and other leaders.

Love was in your home also, of course, where the tears and hugs and silences and long sad nights were.

And, love is still here, in the crowds with their flowers, in the bird song in the morning, and in the sound of children playing.

Love plays with big hearts, you see, and hate plays small. It has always been this way.

Little child, do you want to play big in your life?

I think we know the answer.

In everything you do, look for love, look for love.

Everything is better when we all look for love.



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