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Thought For The Week 3 March

Earlier this week I joined in with the wonderful work that our Rhythm Kids engage in with young families at the Trinity Community Centre.  There was fun, energy, and that sense that something truly special was happening.

Later on in the week, I had the privilege of leading a worship service at the Croft. There is something wonderful in a community of people who come together, whatever their circumstances, to worship God.

On the face of it, these two experiences are at the opposite end of the scale – the hope of new lives beginning, and the faithfulness of lives well lived.  But they are more alike than we might, at first, think.  They are joined together in our common humanity, and in the love of God.

Both gatherings are made possible through the dedicated and loving work of volunteers.

Both gatherings offer faith and hope that goes beyond the ordinary things of our lives.

Both gatherings are an opportunity to encounter the love of God through our  encounters with our fellow human beings.

In Jesus, God came to us as a fellow human being.  Sharing our human experience.

In Jesus, God opened our hearts and minds to a new way of living.

In Jesus, God gave himself, that we might truly live.

As we live our lives in worship of him, we have the joyful opportunity to live and share the love of Christ with one another, and that truly is Good News.

Rory Grant

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