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Weekly Notices 17 February

The Word for Today’ and ‘Word for you Today’ (This text is adapted for the next generation)  The Feb/March/April editions are on the table in the foyer.  Pick up a copy today.

Presbyterian Women Lunch Group:  Meet on Wednesday, 20 February, in Room 1, Trinity Community Centre at 12.30.  Shared lunch.  Sales table.  Speaker:  Pavithra  from India who has been living here for about a year.  Contacts  Dianne 686 0440  or Alison 688 4317

Keep up to date with the latest information on our website:  www.timarupres.org.nz

The World Day of Prayer:  Friday 1 March.  The local Service will be held at St Mary’s Anglican Church, 24 Church Street, Timaru at 2pm.  This has been prepared by the World Day of Prayer of Slovenia.  “Come – Everything Is Ready”  Afternoon Tea will follow the Service.

Mission Updates recently received:  These are in the magazine holder on the table in Foyers:  Please feel free to take and read:

  • Mission without Borders
  • The Leprosy Mission

The Mission Project on Sunday, 3 March will be for the Relay for Life.

Bookings of Rooms in Both Complexes:  Please remember to check with the Office and book in your group before you advertise it.  This prevent double bookings.  Phone 686 0981.

Alpine Presbytery Newsletter:  Keep up to date on what is happening in our Alpine Presbytery.  A few copies of the Newsletter are being placed on the table in Foyers each week.  Pick up a copy, you might find something of interest in it.  If you are not on our email list and would like a copy emailed, please contact our office ph 686 0981.

Changes of Address etc:  Please advise the church office of any changes.  Thank you.

THANK YOU to all elders and pastoral visitors and link deliverers who came to our meeting in November and shared ideas for improving the pastoral care in our parish. The main suggestions were

  1. We can all be involved in pastoral care, looking out for each other, meeting each other’s needs.
  2. A friendly phone call to anyone who has not been at church for a while, saying “We’ve missed you, is everything okay?”
  3. If you are aware of any need, please let us know. Phone the office, one of the ministers, or one of the pastoral committee. Beth 686 0466, Indi 684 4361, Isabel 684 3113, Robin 688 8695, Sandra 6883619.

We will implement other suggestions over the course of the year when possible.

Mission Group Update:

  • Family Works: We have had advice from Family Works regarding the Food Bank, and they are fairly well stocked with breakfast cereals at present but are in need of such things as spreads and jams to have on bread or toast.
  • Buy & Supply News: The funds raised on our two Buy and  Supply tables this month will go to Family Support (formerly Birthright) for help with prescription costs, and also essential health items such as cough mixture. Over the December/January period $84 was raised and this has been forwarded to Family Works for help with school uniforms. Please support the Mission Group’s worthwhile initiative by buying, supplying or both!


Giving  Everything that we have is a gift from God.

You can contribute financially in the following ways:

  • Cash, cheque or envelope in the offering plate, thanks.
  • Automatic Payment or internet banking – Acc no: 03-1714-0405434-01

Or if you have any queries, please email us at:  finance@timarupres.org.nz

Need more Offering Envelopes?  Contact the church office 686 0981

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