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Thought For The Week 10 February 2019

Welcome to our service of worship this week. I have really enjoyed our combined services over the summer break including the 2 extra weeks as the work continues at Trinity. I know many of you are looking forward to getting back into the normal routine and familiar places and the style of worship we are accustomed to at each location. Thank you for your patience over this time.

A reminder that on Sunday 17th the service will be combined at Trinity and our normal services resume on the 24th.

The gospel reading today highlights the calling of Peter and his friends James and John from Luke 5. There’s an interesting progression in this passage; first Jesus asks to borrow Peter’s boat so he can sit a small distance from the shore and teach the people.  At this point there is no commitment on Peter’s part to Jesus- he’s just    helping out.

Then Jesus asks him to take him out fishing. This requires Peter’s effort and skill and he’s not very keen because he’s tired from fruitlessly fishing all night but he reluctantly agrees and to his amazement his net overflows with fish- so many they need another boat to bring it all in. At this point Peter realizes he is in the presence of the divine and is ashamed of his own sinfulness and unworthiness.

But rather than reject Peter, Jesus commissions him, giving him a new calling and   vocation to be a ‘fisher of people’. This will require his all and will cost him his life      ultimately. And isn’t that a picture of the Christian journey? We begin as acquaintances of Jesus but gradually he calls us to give more of ourselves to him until we can say as Paul did ‘It is no longer I that live, but Christ who lives in me’ (Gal 2:20).


Brent Richardson

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