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Thought For The Week 16 December 2018

This week we count down the Advent Candle of “Joy”.

Joy is a curious thing.  It is not the same as simple happiness.

Happiness comes and goes with our circumstances.

Joy is a deep well that sustains us in the hard times.

Happiness comes and goes in a moment. Joy has a deep, slow rhythm that resonates with our rhythms of life.

The pursuit of happiness can lead to selfishness and ultimately, isolation.  The pursuit of joy is generous and free, leading us into deeper relationship with God, with others, and ultimately, with our truest selves.

Happiness is a natural response to good things, joy seems to have a depth of its own that buoys us up.

This weekend I have the privilege of celebrating a wedding for a young couple at St. David’s Cave.  A happy occasion, to be sure.  And a loving marriage, where each partner bears the other up in love, is a lifelong sanctuary where joy can take root and grow.

We don’t have to be married to experience joy.  What we do need is that sanctuary of loving life that we find in the person of Jesus, in the presence of the Holy Spirit, in the loving arms of God.

What is your sanctuary of joy, this Christmas season?

Rory Grant

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