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Thought For The Week 9 December 2018

Welcome to our services today on this second Sunday in Advent, which focuses on the peace of God.  Advent is all about waiting; we are waiting for Christmas day and the joyous proclamation that Jesus is born and he is Emmanuel- God with us.  Jesus also spoke of his return at some undetermined time in the future where the kingdom of God will be fully realised and he will rule as King of kings and Lord of lords and Christians have waited in expectant hope of his  return since the beginning.

Life is full of waiting.  We wait for our test results to come back and tell us the state of our health.  We wait for the needed holiday and rest.  We wait for exam results or to hear back from the job interview.  We wait for an available room in the rest home or to see if the mortgage has been approved. I  hate waiting!  Life seems to be put on hold when we have to wait.  And yet waiting is actually good for us because it is in the   waiting that we are forced to develop patience and, in the waiting, we are given an   opportunity to experience God’s peace.

God’s peace is closely link to our trust in God.  If we trust God, we will understand that our situation is in his hands and we will know that God loves us and has our best interests at heart.  Our life in God can be full of trails and suffering even (we are never promised a trouble-free life!) yet as Saint Paul said, nothing in all creation can separate from his love (Rom 8:39).

So, may God’s peace be your portion in your waiting this Advent season.


Brent Richardson

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