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Thought For The Week 2 December 2019

It’s the hope that kills you, so they say, but they’re wrong.

Hope is that rarest of commodities in our fast-paced, rapid-growth, self-absorbed world.  Hope is that simple thing, hard to measure and harder to define that allows us to see beyond our current circumstances and into a future where we might be free.

Hope is what keeps us going when all hope is lost.

Hope summons the darkness to dawn.

Hope finds us at the most unexpected of times, in the most unexpected of ways.

Hope comes from beyond.  Beyond us, beyond our current circumstances, beyond our hopelessness, yet hope springs and flowers within.

In our increasingly individualistic and self-centered world, it is no wonder that hope is on the wane, for hope based in ourselves alone is no hope at all.  Jesus comes to us at Christmas – a seemingly hopeless refugee child, blown on the winds of the world from one place to the next – yet he offers us a stability and a centre and a hope that is deeper and richer and wider than we can imagine.  As we welcome him into our lives, the Holy Spirit springs with hope in our innermost being, not because our lives are made perfect, but because we have the assurance of a hopeful future where life, not death is the final word.

Rory Grant

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