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Thought For The Week 18 November 2018

It is wonderful to see real progress with the St. Stephens foyer  re-development.  Since the windows have gone in, and the hoardings have come down, we can start to see the potential of this new space that we will use for worship, fellowship and mission.

There are a couple of things that I have noticed as the work has progressed that can help us reflect on our lives and faith journeys.

First, the whole process has been very disruptive!  We owe a real debt of thanks to all of the people who have worked around the building project as they go about their weekly activities in the church buildings.  Disruption is a funny thing.  It is always inconvenient, but it also shakes us out of our usual habits of thinking.  As we see things differently, we also notice the little things that have crept into our lives without us even noticing.  Disruption is an opportunity to take stock of our lives, and set      ourselves once more on the path that Christ has laid out for us.

Second, as the work has progressed, we can start to see a glimpse into our  future.  Our imagination has room to grow, to explore, to wonder at what God has in store for us.  New ideas, new opportunities, new life.  It is easy to see change as the ending of something, but our Gospel hope is that the turning of our lives is the beginning of something.  As the vision of John revealed: “Behold! I am making all things new!”

Rory Grant

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