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Thought For The Week 26 August 2018

Welcome to our services of worship today as we conclude our series from John 6 looking at Jesus’ identity as the life giving ‘Bread of Heaven’. The claims of Jesus are very confronting, forcing us to a place of decision; will we believe and trust him with our lives or reject him and walk away? John 6:60-71 is the climax of the events which   began with Jesus feeding the multitude bread and fish but ends with many deserting him because they find his teaching too hard. Only the 12 remain and even 1 of them turns out to be a traitor! In spite of this apparent failure to hold the crowds, Peter sums up what true faith and commitment looks like: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life”. We may struggle to grasp what Jesus demands of us yet what he mostly requires from us is faith and trust- not understanding. I hope your faith will be enriched as we worship together today.

We are in AGM season! We had ours last week- thank you for your participation in that. Today Rory is at Pleasant Point convening their AGM and in 2 weeks’ time I will be doing the same at St James, Ashburton (9 Sept). It is a part of our role as Interim Moderator at these churches and is an obligation we meet as ordained ministers in the Presbyterian church.

One thing that was omitted in our annual report was a list of capital projects and their cost estimates. These will be published soon (most likely in the next LINK) so watch out for that.

Also coming up is our special Spring Flower service at Trinity on the 9 Sept. This will be an uplifting service to herald the new season.



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