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Thought For The Week, 12 August 2018

It was with great delight that I attended Rhythm Kids this week, for the first time this term.

In all of our busy-ness, in the midst of all the things that we “do” for church, for family, for friends, for ourselves, it is a real gift to simply slow down and  enjoy the moment.

Kids are great for helping us snap out of our busy mode, and helping us to stop and enjoy life before it all rushes us by.  But even if we don’t have the privilege and joy of seeing young children from day to day, it is still so, so important to stop and smell the roses.  To stop “do”-ing long enough to enjoy our “be”-ing.

It is in these precious moments of peace that we so often find the presence of God, hidden right in the midst of our everyday lives.  Slow down, have a cup of tea, breathe, and notice the everyday beauty of this life and this creation that we have the  opportunity to enjoy.

My prayer for you this week is that, whatever is going on in your life right now, you can find those moments of peace, and enjoy the love of God that surrounds us always, even when we’re too busy to notice.


Rory Grant


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