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Thought For The Week 15 July 2018

There’s a line in a Country and Western song “It’s not faith that comes from miracles, but miracles from faith.”  What a profound idea. And there’s a deep truth to this idea too.

So often in life we find ourselves dragged down into the depths by the worries and burdens of our lives.  But when we catch our breath, slow down, and truly notice the world around us, we realise that all of life is a miracle, and our miraculous, loving God enriches our lives with the miraculous, day, by day, by day.  That river of life that starts as just a trickle grows deeper and wider, and richer and purer the further we journey in company with Jesus, breathing in the Breath of God, the Spirit of life.

So next time that you are feeling burdened and wearied, I invite you to slow down, take a deep breath, let go our your worry (easier said than done), and open the eyes of your heart to the love of God that surrounds in this miraculous creation.  I often find that meditating on a favourite phrase from scripture, or humming a line from a favourite hymn or song can lead me out of the worries of my mind, and centre me on the goodness of God’s heart.

And may the God of miracles bring forth new life in the faith of your heart.


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