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Thought For The Week, 8 July 2018

Welcome to our services of worship today as we recommence with the Care for Creation series. Today we will be taking a look at some local issues of concern in our region. We have been looking into some pretty big issues through this series; climate change, habitat loss, depletion of resources etc. All this can be overwhelming and may even discourage positive action. But are there local issues we can do something about? And will fixing up our own back yard have an impact on the wider world? Our contribution to the problem of climate change is relatively small because we are a small and isolated nation. Yet our influence can be greater than our size. Can we lead the world in sustainable practices? Can we set a positive example in the way we care for our patch?

Last Sunday we celebrated 100 years of Presbyterian Support in South Canterbury with a wonderful combined service at Trinity. Contrary to the newspaper report that said 80 people attended the official count was 120 which included many visitors and supporters of PSSC. I know many especially enjoyed hearing our national moderator Rev Richard Dawson speak. Our relationship with PSSC is an important one as they can do things in the community, in the name of the church, and in a professional  manner which we would struggle to do without them. We wish Carolyn Cooper and her team all the very best for the next 100 years!

FYI: Rory and I will be attending the Alpine Presbytery retreat in Hanmer Springs which starts 3pm today and concludes Tuesday. Rory will be taking a few extra days well-earned break.

And now, if I may indulge in a little FIFA fandom: GO ENGLAND!!!



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