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The LINK April – May 2018


Welcome to this edition of the LINK

What a special time Easter was! For the last few years the Timaru Christian Ministers’ Association (TCMA) have organized a combined Good Friday service at Life Church and this year was attended by over 500 people from 11 churches across the city. What a wonderful show of Christian unity in a world that is sadly as fractured and divided as it ever has been. We had a beautiful morning for the Sunday dawn service at Caroline bay which included a number of visitors. Around 25 of us enjoyed early morning worship followed by BBQ fish. Our combined service at St Stephen’s was packed with around 120 people including many visitors. The day finished off with our regular monthly afternoon communion service in the Trinity chapel which was a wonderful way to end the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. A big thankyou to all those who participated in different ways to make the weekend so memorable.

In this edition of the LINK you will notice a new feature we are initiating; an ‘in memoriam’ section listing those members who have passed on during the month. Our desire with this is to honour those who have been involved in our parish and to inform others of their passing. This will not always be perfect of course and there is a chance we will miss some names- but we will do our best!

Coming up: Trinity Hall basement sale 12th May.  Already a great selection of goods is accumulating in the basement ready for this fundraising event. If you would like to contribute quality used items please contact the church office to arrange delivery/access.

Also coming up this month is the Alpine Presbytery gathering in Christchurch, 27-29 April, held at the Village Church, Bryndwr. These gatherings have become significant events in the life of our enlarged presbytery, providing opportunities to fellowship, be inspired and equipped for mission. The focus has shifted from meeting to do business, to meeting for mission. Information and registration can be found here:  https://alpinepresbytery.org/events/

Blessings, Brent


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