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Thought For The Week 28 January 2018

A few weeks ago our son Oliver turned twelve years old.  The night before his birthday Andrea and I were looking back over photos from the last year.

I suppose that I already knew, on some level, that 2017 had been a busy year.

Looking at the photos of all the comings and goings in the life of our family and in the life of our church here in Timaru I really was astounded at just how much had


2017 was a year of verdant growth in our lives together.  Looking ahead to 2018,          I can already see many buds ripening.  As these buds begin to open, we need to       remember that our goal is not busy-ness but fruitfulness.  As Brent has been sharing with us over the summer series our first concern is not to get everything done, but to remain connected to the life-giving sap of God’s love at work in our lives.

So as we begin the year together, I encourage you to breathe out the busy-ness of it all, and to breathe in the Breath of God, the creator and sustainer of all things.



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