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Thought For The Week November 26

Welcome to our special combined service this morning. We will be ordaining Steph Holland to the office of Elder.  Elders are ordained, not   appointed, in recognition of the special call and gifts of God on a person’s life to be responsible for spiritual oversight and pastoral care of the local church. When the Apostle Paul planted churches, he would install Elders as soon as practicable to ensure the gospel work was maintained and progressed. The Presbyterian Church ordains elders recognizing the task of ministry – pastoral care, teaching, governance etc – cannot be vested solely in the hands of professional clergy but must be shared more widely among suitably called and gifted people. After due discernment from the parish council and ratification from the congregation, we are delighted Steph has agreed to take this step.

Our service will conclude with a congregational meeting to discuss the proposed   foyer upgrade at St Stephen’s. Information about this was in last week’s pew news. Because of the significant cost of this project we need congregational approval to proceed with our application to Presbytery and Church Property Trustees. Although these processes can seem cumbersome to us they are actually a great safeguard to the resources we hold and help us clearly define the purpose of such projects.

If you are visiting with us today you are most welcome to stay for the meeting.   However, voting is reserved for members and associate members only.



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