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Thought For The Week 12 November

Welcome to our services of worship today. I trust you will be encouraged, inspired and perhaps challenged as we explore our Matthew reading on the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. The liturgical season preceding Christmas has its focus on the return of Christ which is reflected in the readings for the next 3 weeks. Many of the key events in the Christian calendar- Christmas, Easter, Pentecost- focus on what has already been done and act as memorials to the work of God in our world. But the last Sunday in the year, Christ the king (Sunday 26th) calls our attention to what is yet to come. It is the hope of Christ’s return and the completeness of his rule and reign and the fulfillment of every promise.

Today at each service we will be conducting a vote to ordain Stephanie Holland as an elder. Steph currently serves on our parish council and is involved in the music team and Kidztime at St Stephen’s. Assuming she is affirmed by the congregation she will be ordained at a combined service at Trinity on the 26th Nov.

The old lights in the St Stephen’s church have now been replaced with modern shades and wiring. It was discovered that the old lights weren’t earthed and this posed a fire risk. As well  as being safer the new lights are adding to the general  freshening up of this facility.



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