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Thought For The Week 29 October

Green shoots…..

As we near the end of spring we celebrate God’s creation once again in the beauty of the green shoots popping through the ground, on the trees and shrubs, along with the budding roses and so many beautiful flowers we see everywhere.

Just as we glory in the springtime, we can look forward to the possibility of new shoots showing in our community on the 26th November when we will invite residents of all ages from Watlington, Parkside and Kensington suburbs to a BBQ tea and fun time at the Trinity Hall. We will invite feedback and welcome conversation about what it is that they enjoy living in this community, what do they miss and what new things would they like to see happen in their community. How can we, as an outward facing church community, show and tell of God’s love to these people regardless of their  status? What is our conversation likely to be? Smile, listen to their stories, be genuine.

The Girls and Boys Brigades along with Rhythm Kids are positive activities that      connect with the wider community. What else could we offer families?  Stay at home parents? The lonely? The less mobile?  The ageing?

You are all invited to be part of this fun time.

‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself.’      Matthew 22: 39


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